This is how we relocate your pet(s).

Before The Move

  • We check the pet's documents you have at hand;

  • We coordinate with vet to administer and facilitate the destination country's required vaccinations, treatments, blood test;

  • We obtain permits when required;

  • We coordinate with you to ensure all document are in order, arrange flight bookings, and provide necessary information in preparation for your pet's flight;

  • We collect your pet  from your residence along with the original documents to facilitate the export license and export health certificate.

During The Move

For Export

  • We collect your pet from your residence/boarding kennel or cattery;

  • We tender your pet to the airline for check in;

  • We provide necessary updates.

For Import

  • We customs clear your pet;

  • We deliver your pet at quarantine facility in case quarantine is required;

  • We deliver your pet at your door step.

After The Move

  • We follow up pet's status in your new home;

  • We provide guidance for veterinary and kennel/cattery services when needed.

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At United Pet Express all pets are receiving the same expert care and attention from collection till delivery anywhere in the world. Our extensive experience in live animal transportation

assures the most direct routing with maximum comfort and safely for your pets. 

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