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This is how we relocate your pet(s).

Before The Move

  • We check the pet's documents you have at hand;

  • We coordinate with vet to administer and facilitate the destination country's required vaccinations, treatments, blood test;

  • We obtain permits when required;

  • We coordinate with you to ensure all document are in order, arrange flight bookings, and provide necessary information in preparation for your pet's flight;

  • We collect your pet  from your residence along with the original documents to facilitate the export license and export health certificate.

During The Move

For Export

  • We collect your pet from your residence/boarding kennel or cattery;

  • We tender your pet to the airline for check in;

  • We provide necessary updates.

For Import

  • We customs clear your pet;

  • We deliver your pet at quarantine facility in case quarantine is required;

  • We deliver your pet at your door step.

After The Move

  • We follow up pet's status in your new home;

  • We provide guidance for veterinary and kennel/cattery services when needed.

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