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If you are planning to bring your pets to Thailand, United Pet Express will be able to assist with the following;

  • Import Permit Arrangements (Travel as Excess Baggage or Cargo)

  • Customs Clearance (Cargo)

  • Delivery to Residence

  • On-ward flights to other Domestic Airports

  • Short/Long Term Boarding

  • Veterinary Services after arrival 

Pet Shipping
Use a clear and concise cue word or gest

Beware of

Do not get scammed!  There scammers are criminals. Their goal is to take your money. They will lie, they will assure you of their faith and religion - anything to get your money! They use the names of legitimate pet shippers; they pirate websites; they illegally use logos of other companies. If you see an offer that it too good to be true, it probably is. IT PROBABLY IS A SCAM

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