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We ask your cooperation to contact our office directly at +66 (0) 2 316 2391-5 or visit our office to verify legitimacy of your transaction. We have had several cases in 2019 where customers were almost victimised by the scammer. The scammer used our company name to sell pets with their potential victim.  Thankfully, the customers felt something is wrong and contacted our office to verify. And that have saved them from being scammed.

Please note that we are not selling pets or air conditioned crate.

Many scams begin with an advertisement – an adorable puppy or an exotic animal at half the cost. Once someone responds, most likely over e-mail, they will soon learn that the animal is located overseas. The scammers only request payment for the inexpensive shipping fees, usually by a wire service, before the animal can be shipped. But additional costs will soon follow – extra shipping costs, customs clearance fees, vaccinations and insurance. Once the money is sent, the person learns there is no animal.

Scammers are luring pet lovers out of thousands of dollars with photos of cute animals, heart-breaking stories and irresistible prices. Sometimes it is difficult to determine if it is a scam, until it is too late.

Here are some tips on identifying pet scams:

·         Check references- If the seller indicates that a specific company will handle the shipping, get complete details for the shipping company and then check them out! Use the Internet to research them and call them to confirm that they know the breeder.

·         Insurance- Scammers will try to charge for “refundable insurance” in case the pet is lost or hurt during the trip overseas. As everyone knows, there are no refunds when it comes to insurance!

·         Most importantly - Beware of sending funds by Western Union or MoneyGram! Scammers will say these types of services are the most inexpensive and fastest way of doing business. However, most reputable dealers will request that you wire transfer funds from your bank to their company bank account or will accept a credit card or PayPal payment.

There are many scammers taking advantage of the internet. Please be cautious. Call us or visit our office to verify before you transact business. 

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